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On November 2nd Camas voters will select who will serve the remaining two years of our last mayor’s vacated four-year term. 

In my 48 years living and working in Camas I have never written an endorsement for a city political candidate. Here and now, I feel compelled to express my unequivocal support of Steve Hogan for Camas’ Mayor.  

Working with Steve Hogan on council for more than 13 years, I have observed his moral, calm, caring and competent leadership.   Steve consistently makes measured decisions based on his broad life and business experiences while integrating his perception of the public’s desires. Time and again, through his work, comments and votes, Steve has demonstrated a commitment to our Camas citizen’s well-being and quality of life. Steve has been tireless in his advocacy to preserve our amazing natural resources.  

Now is the time to calm the ’turbulent waters’ we have had to navigate over the past two years.  Now, more than ever, our city needs the experience, stability, vision and proven leadership that Steve Hogan will bring home to our beloved Camas!    

I can attest that the job of the Mayor of Camas is complex, difficult and all-consuming.  I am confident Steve is aware, prepared, enthused and ready to serve.

Please join me supporting Steve Hogan to serve as Camas’ mayor for the next two years. 


— Don Chaney
Camas Police Chief (1998-2008)

Steve has earned my vote through his long and successful record of managing people, projects, and organizations. Steve is uniquely qualified to provide the reasoned, proven, and dynamic LEADERSHIP that Camas deserves - and absolutely needs. — Lance Carr
Captain, USN (Ret)

Steve is the right choice to restore what we all love about Camas! He has the experience, the heart, and work ethic needed to remind us all of our Camas pride! — Scott Higgins

Steve Hogan is exactly what Camas needs right now: an experienced manager who has the knowledge and skills necessary to run a complex, multi-million-dollar organization. Just as importantly, Steve is a bridge builder. In a time of unprecedented strife and division, we need leaders who can bring neighbors together, find common ground, and restore the tight-knit fabric of our community. Steve is that kind of leader. Please join me in voting for Steve Hogan as our next Mayor. — Joe Walsh, City of Gresham Neighborhood Prosperity & Youth Engagement Senior Manager

I enthusiastically support Steve Hogan for Camas Mayor! He has the managerial experience, deep knowledge of city governance and time to effectively fill that terribly demanding position. — Nan Henriksen, Camas Mayor 1983-92, named Camas Political Leader of the Century in 2006

Camas needs a mayor who understands the executive role and can effectively lead our city departments. Steve has the background and experience to manage our unique city government where the mayor, not a city manager, runs the city. — Brian Co

Yesterday Steve Hogan visited my neighborhood. I was impressed with the way he listened to our questions and answered them directly. He also has a significant amount of business and local city office experience that are relevant to the main issues Camas is facing. As a long term council member, I believe he has deep knowledge of the city and has the connections to take positive action immediately upon taking office. I will be voting for Steve Hogan. — Rebecca Roberts

Steve Hogan brings a pragmatic approach to government. His decades of community service illustrate his commitment to all Camas community members. These aspects, plus his leadership and managerial skills, means he will hit the ground running to lead the complex business of the city. — Ellen Burton

I have known Steve Hogan for over twenty years, as a youth coach, local business leader, and an experienced member of the Camas City Council. He has a demonstrated history of commitment to our community and will listen to citizens as our mayor. He’s active on the Lacamas Lake cleanup, planning of the north shore area, and in the cost-efficient delivery of services. He values and learns from our history, while leaning into the future to address emergent issues. Camas is a beautiful city and Steve Hogan has the ability to lead us into our future in a way that responds to and respects the wishes of those he serves. Please support him with your vote as our next Mayor. — Doug Quinn, Former City of Camas Public Works Director

Steve Hogan has many years of experience with Camas City Government. He will come to the job of mayor deeply knowing the city and how it functions. He will know the history of what has been done in Camas and what has been successful.
He will know the major players and the influencers in the community. He already knows and has worked with all the departments in the city and knows the people personally (this is a big advantage).

More importantly Steve has a good heart and cares about the people in Camas. He has lived here many years and talked with many people who live here. He follows through! He is approachable. He has years of experience with a large business and knows how to get things done.

As he recently retired, he has the time to devote to the job of mayor. He is realistic, practical and uses common sense. I believe that Steve considers many points of view. He is not a one issue candidate or someone with a very limited horizon.

Steve Hogan is who Camas needs for mayor. With Steve as mayor, Camas has a bright future. — Brad Jensen

I endorse Steve Hogan for Mayor of Camas! — Janis Rink

Steve has the experience and context needed to hit the ground running as mayor this fall. Camas needs Steve's knowledge, hard work, and passion to lead us in intelligent, balanced, and thoughtful ways. — Patty Barnard, Writer, Former President Friends & Foundation of the Camas Library

Steve Hogan is the only choice for mayor of Camas. Steve has the experience and knowledge to hit the ground running. He will bring much needed stability to city hall. I hope we have learned from the 2019 election and can move forward with experience and stability.

— Deanna Rusch, Attorney, Former Camas City Councilor 2017-2019, Clark County Charter Review Commissioner, Representing District 4 DCA Board WCGHS Co-president Camas Washougal Community Chest President-elect

I support Hogan for mayor of Camas! — Lori Lackland

Steve has been a good friend and neighbor for many years. We know him to be a hard worker who cares deeply about the concerns of others. He treats the people he knows with respect and compassion. He would make an outstanding mayor. — Jerry and Lori Dorn
William Warnick
Roland Minder
Edward Gill
Lucy Schneid
AnneMarie Flaherty
Geoffrey Thompson
Ellen heath
Suzy Truitt
Don and Cari Harris
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Andra Spencer
John Svilarich
Chuck and Jeanna Verro
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