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Steve's Vision

With a record of remarkable accomplishments in less than two years, Camas can expect Mayor Hogan to build upon those successes and much more during a full four-year term.

Keeping Camas a Safe, Livable, Beautiful City

Mayor Hogan's vision for Camas includes retaining its charm and safety while restoring and protecting natural resources for future generations. Among his priorities:

  • Ensure Camas remains an open, inclusive community with a "home-town" feel.
  • Keep Camas a safe place to walk at night.
  • Restore Lacamas Lake to enable a full range of recreational uses. Learn more here.
  • Provide and protect our trails and greenspaces, ensuring a sustainable balance of land use that supports healthy outdoor experiences that Camasonians cherish.
  • Provide public parks and facilities that meet the needs and budgets of a family-based community.
  • Maintain high standards for environmental cleanup of abandoned industrial land in compliance with state and federal law.
  • Support the Camas Library literacy program and facility upgrades, and the maximization of funding from legislative lobbying, including:   
    • Plans for a Children's Learning Hive in the Children's Library with an Early Learning Center, STEM lab, and outdoor creative space.
    • Upgrades to the library facility including roofing, life safety, and accessibility.

Making Camas Thrive

Mayor Hogan will ensure the implementation of sensible plans, balanced development and infrastructure to help our city grow, flourish, and be future-ready.    

  • Implement the North Shore Subarea Plan with public involvement and a balanced mix of housing, commercial, and public uses, with supportive infrastructure and greenspace. Learn more here.     
  • Implement the Lake Management Plan for Lacamas, Round, and Fallen Leaf Lakes to develop a long-term strategy for lake cleanup. Learn more here.
  • Develop and implement the Downtown Camas Subarea Plan to continue to make our downtown an important part of our growing economy and city life. This plan will anticipate density, expansion, transportation connections, and other key issues. Learn more here.

  • Ensure balanced development so Camas remains a place where people can work and afford to buy a home. This includes ensuring available jobs-ready and residential-ready land, and updating the Camas Comprehensive Plan.

  • Maintain effective, efficient, award-winning city government, including:
    • Open, transparent, fiscally-responsible budget and city planning process.
    • Continue to diversify and expand the revenue base.
    • Support empowered, agile staff and a culture of service and teamwork.

Healthy Partnerships

Because city government can't do it all, Mayor Hogan will continue to foster healthy partnerships in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. These partnerships are a vital resource for Camas's future. Click here to learn more about Mayor Hogan's successful partnerships that led to improved school safety, reduced homelessness, multiple state funding grants, and much more.   

  • Camas Schools
  • Clark County
  • Washington State Legislature 
  • U.S. House, Senate, and Commerce Department
  • Port of Camas-Washougal
  • Columbia River Economic Development Council 
  • Washougal and other area cities
  • Private and non-profit sectors 




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