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Support of the Downtown Camas Community

The Issue

 Small businesses are essential to the vibrancy, activity, and community support that makes Camas a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that in 2006, the downtown area was rundown and had very few thriving businesses. Knowing that we as a community could make a difference, Camasonians made a conscious decision to not only turn the area around, but also to make downtown Camas a central gathering place for daily shopping and community events.

Steve’s Plan of Action

As a co-founder of the Downtown Camas Association, Steve believes in prioritizing the success of our small businesses. The Downtown Camas area has been and will continue to be a priority when Steve is elected mayor.

Steve’s Experience

 From the time he first took office, Steve has been an ardent supporter of the work of the Downtown Camas Association and assisted in the turnaround efforts to restore viability to downtown Camas nearly two decades ago.

As a founding board member of the Downtown Camas Association, Steve has had a passion for the downtown area. He served as the council liaison for the Downtown Vision Coalition, which preceded the Downtown Camas Association, and his contributions alongside several capable, inspiring leaders over the years have made a significant impact.

 The community created a vision during meetings in the Liberty Theatre and other local community venues. While the Downtown Vision Coalition was a part of the City of Camas government, our objective was to form a group of local citizens who would dedicate their efforts to building a nonprofit organization that would ultimately become part of the Washington State Main Street program and even a part of the Main Street America program.

In 2012, the efforts of the partnership of the City, volunteers, and the Camas School District lead to the successful launching of an independent nonprofit organization that is now called the Downtown Camas Association, or DCA.

Our vision for the DCA is that it would grow the downtown area into a "Third Place" for families in our town. What does the "Third Place" mean?

  • The "First Place" for Camasonians is our homes. Camas is a community of individuals, couples, friends, and families that are drawn to this city for our quality of life.
  • The "Second Place" for Camasonians are our jobs. The city was built on the idea that if you live in Camas, you work in Camas. Although that is not true of all people who live in Camas, we have achieved that goal to a greater extent than most cities throughout the state.
  • The "Third Place" for Camasonians is the place we go where we and all those around us feel welcomed, at ease, inspired, entertained, and fulfilled – whether through good food, good drink, or good times with family and friends new and old. Simply put, it’s what you now know as Downtown Camas.

Steve is extremely proud to have had a hand in establishing Downtown Camas as a third place for Camasonians. Steve maintains strong relationships throughout our community, downtown and beyond, which both sustain and inspire him in his continued public service.

As your mayor, Steve will continue to support the downtown area as he has for the past 16 years.

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