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Georgia Pacific Mill Property Clean Up

The Issue

The Georgia Pacific industrial property, at the heart of downtown, brought the City of Camas to life in 1883.  Over the years, it has been the driving force of the city.  Those days have passed and now we are watching much of the industrial facilities on that property being torn down.

The land is still zoned as industrial property.  Current clean up efforts are underway to insure the property is ready for other industrial facilities to take over or for it to be repurposed for future development.  

Steve’s Plan of Action

Partnering with Georgia Pacific, Steve will ensure that the property is cleaned up to a level that allows our community to rezone that property to mixed use if other industrial uses are not realized. This will allow a full range of development opportunities on the site and could significantly expand downtown commercial and cultural opportunities.

Steve’s Experience

 As a member of the Georgia Pacific Mill Advisory Committee and founder of the Downtown Camas Association, Steve has first-hand knowledge of the issues facing Georgia Pacific and the City. His experience makes him uniquely positioned to bring the key partners together and guide the community toward optimal use of the GP property.

Not only does Steve support the cleanup of the Georgia-Pacific Mill Property for future use, he is helping to champion the community’s involvement in this important process.

As the clean-up efforts continue on the Georgia-Pacific property, Steve proposed to the Camas City Council that as a City, we should take a vote on the Council collaborating with citizens, the Downtown Camas Association, and the Port of Camas Washougal to monitor the cleanup efforts on the mill property.  His colleagues on City Council unanimously approved the motion.  

As a result of that vote, and in combination with the determined efforts of former esteemed City leaders, we have received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to the Downtown Camas Association for tracking the cleanup efforts.  

There are several residents of Camas and Washougal who have been instrumental in this effort. Specifically, Denis Hayes (founder of Earth Day and former Camas High School graduate) played a key role working teaming up with Randy Friedman, Carrie Schulstad, the Port of Camas-Washougal, Ken Lederman, Alan Hughes, Abbi Russell, Nan Henriksen, Sarah Laughlin, Caroline Mercury, Randy Curtis, our City administration and staff to secure this grant for our community.

Many thanks to everyone involved. Steve remains excited to work with each of you and the Camas community at large on the exciting future of this historic property, which means so much to our City heritage.


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