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Economic Development

The issue

In order to ensure enough family-wage jobs to enable Camas residents to thrive, we need to continue to provide opportunities for our employers in the business sector to locate and grow in Camas.

Some view the closure of the Georgia Pacific mill as a sign of economic doom. But in fact, it signifies an era of change and opportunity. While the city's list of top 10 employers has changed over the last 10 years, our top 10 employers now employ nearly 20% more employees than the top 10 did in 2011…including the mill.

Contrary to our opponent's assertions, we now have more people employed within Camas than at any previous time.

Steve’s Plan of Action

 Steve will continue to focus on recruiting key large employers to relocate in Camas, particularly in our high-tech corridor. He’ll also work with the Downtown Camas Association to promote local, small businesses who form the backbone of our economy.

There was a well-defined strategy created by our City that lead to these results, and Steve plans to continue the strategy as mayor.

Steve’s Experience

 For all 16 years of Steve’s service on City Council, he made economic development a key focus, knowing that Camas couldn’t depend on the mill forever to provide the bulk of the community’s well-paying jobs.

As a private sector manager for over 40 years, Steve knows what it’s like to run and grow a business. That knowledge and experience will be critical moving forward. Business leaders will have a partner in City Hall who understands the challenges they face and who will help them meet those challenges in order to provide job opportunities to Camasonians.

More information

  • Linked here is a table showing the changes in jobs over the past 10 years in the City of Camas. Despite losing four top-ten employers over the last decade, you can see that we have more than replaced the lost jobs.
  • Our top 10 employers provided 4,805 jobs within Camas in 2020 versus 4,035 jobs in 2011. Those extra 770 jobs convert to a 19% increase over 2011.
  • The total number of employed people living in Camas increased from 5,951 citizens in 2011 to 8,540 citizens in 2020. That is a 43% increase in employed citizens within Camas over 2011.

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