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Communication, Transparency and Outreach

The Issue

 Unfortunately, between the COVID issue and the changes in administration over the past few years, the public has not been kept up-to-date in a way that is ideal.

Steve’s Plan of Action

 Steve is running to provide the stability, consistency, and transparency that you desire. Steve believes that in order to lead, elected officials must also listen to and learn from the citizens.

As your mayor, Steve will:

  • Insist that the city administration and staff are constantly communicating to the public regarding the issues we are working on.
  • Require significant public engagement on matters large and small – a change currently underway with the addition of our Engage Camas public engagement platform.
  • Hold himself, the administration, and the staff accountable for reaching out, regularly and transparently.

Steve’s Experience

 As a City Council member, Steve has witnessed the ups and downs, successes and failures of various strategies for keeping the public engaged and informed. Steve will continue to build on the efforts that have worked and isn’t afraid to jettison those that have the effect of shutting out public participation in local government.

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