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Affordable Housing

The Issue

The successes of Camas have made our city one of the most desirable cities in the United States. Unfortunately, the demand to move here has outpaced our housing. As a result, we now see home prices escalating faster than ever before, leaving some without options.

 Steve’s Plan of Action

 City of Camas Affordable Housing Plan needs to focus on two key groups of citizens.

First, we must develop policies and plans that ensure longtime Camas residents will not be taxed out of their homes. We must work with Clark County keep a lid on property tax rates and keep downward pressure on assessments.

Simultaneously, we need to partner with the private sector to develop more housing for the young adults who are coming here to raise their families in our outstanding schools and safe, beautiful environment.

Steve’s Experience

 During his 16 years on City Council, Steve has developed a keen understanding of the City’s budget priorities. He’s also developed strong relationships with County officials, who are responsible for zoning and property tax assessments, and with the school district, with whom the City must coordinate on special levies and assessments. Finally, Steve’s private sector experience will prove invaluable when working with private sector developers to add to our depleted housing supply.

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