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Lacamas Lake Cleanup

I am committed to cleaning up our Lacamas, Round, and Fallen Leaf lakes for the safety and enjoyment of the community. In 2020, as Camas City Council member I initiated the formation of the Lacamas Watershed ad hoc committee to resolve the water quality issues within the Lacamas Lake system, including algae blooms.

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Communication, Transparency and Outreach

Unfortunately, between the COVID issue and the changes in administration over the past few years, the public has not been kept up-to-date in a way that is ideal. I am running to provide the stability, consistency, and transparency that you desire.

As your mayor, I will insist that the city administration and staff are constantly communicating to the public regarding the issues we are working on. Additionally, I will require significant public engagement on matters large and small – a change currently underway with the addition of our Engage Camas public engagement platform. I will hold myself, the administration, and the staff accountable for reaching out, regularly and transparently.

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Georgia Pacific Mill Property Clean Up

The Georgia Pacific industrial property is the same property that brought the City of Camas to life in 1883.  Over the years, it has been the driving force of the city.  Those days have passed and now we are watching much of the industrial facilities on that property being torn down.  The land is still zoned as industrial property.  The clean up efforts are being started insure the property is ready for other industrial facilities to take over or, to be repurposed for future development.  As a city, I want to make sure that the property is cleaned up to a level that allows our community to rezone that property to mixed use (if other industrial uses are not realized).

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Support of the Downtown Camas Community

I love Downtown Camas and believe in prioritizing the success of our small businesses, who are essential to the vibrancy, activity, and community support that makes Camas a wonderful place to live, work, and play. From the time I first took office, I have been an ardent supporter of the work of the Downtown Camas Association and assisted in the turnaround efforts to restore viability to downtown Camas nearly two decades ago. The Downtown Camas area has been and will continue to be a priority when I am mayor. (Read More)

Economic Development

The city's list of top 10 employers has changed over the last 10 years.  However our new list of top 10 employers now employ 19% more employees than the 2011 top 10.

I have been involved in economic development for Camas all 16 years I have worked on the council.  

Linked here is a table showing the changes in jobs over the past 10 years in the City of Camas. Despite losing four top-ten employers over the last decade, you can see that we have more than replaced the lost jobs. There was a well-defined strategy created by our City that lead to these results, and I plan to continue the strategy as mayor.

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Creating a vision for Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces

During my 16 years on Camas City Council, I have played a key role in preserving 352 acres of land for our future use within the Camas Parks and Recreation Department.  

Parks and trails have always been one of the hallmark features of Camas. As mayor, I will continue to prioritize a strategy of stewardship to preserve open space, trees, and water quality within our city, so that generations to come will enjoy the community we love, honor, and enjoy.


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Affordable Housing

The successes of Camas have made our city one of the most desirable cities in the United States. Unfortunately, the demand to move here has outpaced our housing. As a result, we now see home prices escalating faster than ever before, leaving some without options. I have a plan.

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Steve voted against the pool bond. What are his conditions to support a community center?

For me to support a community and/or an aquatic center, the proposed facility would have to meet the same condition I have had in the past:  The proposed facility would need to have no tax impact on citizens who did not want to use the facility.


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"There was no transparency when the roundabout was built."

Roundabout Process Transparency

Our opponents claim that there was a lack of transparency in the process of putting in the roundabout at Everett Street and Lake Road. That is not true.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Steve Hogan requested the city staff to add a new minimum distance separating future substance abuse treatment centers from parks and schools.  If the council accepts this proposal, the Camas code will define that these types of treatment facilities will be a minimum of 1,000 feet from parks and schools.  The proposal was put forth by Steve at the September 7th City Council Workshop meeting.  The proposal will be presented to the City Council as an option when the Comprehensive Plan is updated during the 4th quarter of 2021. (Read More)

Strengthen our Partnership with Camas Public Schools

Camas’s excellent schools are vital to the future of the city. While the City does not “govern” or run the schools, it is essential that City government continues to be a key supporting partner to ensuring the continued success of our award-winning school district.

Steve will actively engage with School Board leaders to coordinate city and school levies to ensure that each entity has the proper funding, while keeping the overall tax burden low for Camasonians. (Read More)

Expand Partnerships with Local Volunteer Organizations

Government can’t do everything, and neither can for-profit companies in the private sector. Our local service organizations fill many unmet needs in our community.

Steve will expand upon the many deep, personal relationships he’s built through years of public and volunteer service in the community to ensure inclusion of the non-profit sector in plans to make Camas the best city it can be.

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